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What to Expect

There are 3 main stages to us working together

Booking Stage 


Trial Appointment 


Wedding Day 


Booking Stage
  • Approximately 1 year before your wedding day.

  • All costs are discussed at this stage so there are no hidden extras.

After your initial enquiry i will send you a quotation email including booking details and a full breakdown of the costs involved, this email will also include a direct link to my booking form. If you choose to continue with a booking, simply fill out the booking form remembering to check out the Terms and conditions

After confirming your booking, I will send you an email confirmation including all the details of your booking, an approximate time guide and running order of your day as well as a list of questions to help you start thinking about what wedding hairstyle will work best for you.

I encourage brides to save and send me photos and pictures of hairstyles they've seen, this means we then have a really good database to work from during your trial appointment. I'll also send you a list of trial dates as its best to get this booked in early.

Trial Appointment
  • Approximately 2 Months before your wedding day.

  • In person appointment.

We refer back to the questions asked previously and look at the photos you've sent me. 

We discuss the details of the day, your dress, accessories and any themes your day might have, your hair type and texture as well as any pet peeves you might have or special requests (can you cover my ears etc). 

We'll also discuss bridesmaids and flower girls' hair requirements (Remember Bride is Boss).

*Hair Accessories - Family heirlooms, brooches, flowers from the garden, fresh herbs, pins, combs, something old, something new the possibilities are endless. If you have an idea, bring it with you!!

Then I'll style your hair, you'll have plenty of time to look in the mirror, I'll keep asking questions throughout and we'll take lots of photos and hopefully you'll love it!

It's important to remember it's a practice for a reason and sometimes what you thought you'd love you actually don't, and that's fine too. 

It might be any number of things - the hair you didn't want around your face, well actually it turns out you do want it around your face, or the low bun style is a bit too low, or it might be that the smooth sleek style you've always dreamed of makes you feel unrecognisable in the mirror and actually you'd rather we do something else with texture and volume - all true trial stories but all happy, beautiful brides. 

The pressure of a wedding can get a bit crazy; the trial is supposed to be fun. It's a chance for us to get to know each other and for you to relax and feel comfortable. If we have to do over, make tweaks or changes that's not a problem it's just us working together to find your perfect style. 

After the trial appointment I'll email you a final and updated time plan and running order for your wedding day, along with a list of hair care do's and don'ts for the day before and day of the wedding

*Joint trials are available with Rachel Maslin makeup artist only; not only does it mean our brides get to see their whole look come together before the big day, but they also get a feel for how we work together.

Wedding Day

Its Finally happening. Your day has arrived.

I will arrive at your location, set up and start work. My timings are worked out and allow for plenty of time per person. I will have already spoken to your make-up artist so I can style your hair at the optimum time. I will have worked out all the timings and running orders previously for you, so you can relax knowing everything is under control.  


I will read the room and if needed give gentle suggestions during the morning to help keep your bridal party calm and most importantly on time. 

I recommend all hair styling and makeup be finished 1 hour before you have to leave. It surprising how long the final bits can take, this also allows time for photos and any last-minute trips to the bathroom. 

I won't leave until your dressed and ready to go, think of me as the extra bridesmaid, over the years I've helped with dresses', shoes, locking doors, cars, flowers and so much more, you name it and I've probably helped with it. When you're ready we'll do a final spray, take some photos and I'll wave you off to your ceremony.  

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