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This document sets out the agreement between you (the client) and I (Laura Denny- Alida K) and should be read carefully.  This document along with the booking form and/or invoice will make up the contract.

The Client:

The client is the person named on the booking form and/or invoice or company named on the booking form and/or invoice and it is their responsibility to understand and agree to the booking conditions including all payment terms and specified due dates.  In proceeding with your booking, you are also confirming that you accept this contract and terms that it includes.  

In instances where more than one person is having hair styled, the Client as described above agrees to take full responsibility for the whole booking including but not limited to deposits, payments and cancellations.



I provide Hair styling services including but not limited to, Blow drying, Setting, Curling, straightening, Pinning up, combing, brushing, backcombing, plaiting, twisting and braiding for Bridal, Prom, Special Event and Photoshoots.  

If I have made a recommendation to another stylist / artist my liability ceases at that point. 


Deposits and Payments:

Deposits are required to confirm your booking and until the deposit is paid, your requested date is not secure.   Once deposits are made, should you fail to make the remainder of the invoice payment by the due date I reserve the right to release the date in my diary and your payment will still be due.



All bookings require a non-refundable deposit to secure the date of your event.  The required deposit is detailed on your booking form or in an email.  The deposit is deducted from the remaining balance which is due 48 hours before the styling appointment.  The remaining balance will be the value as per the invoice and will include all agreed costs (i.e. travel / assistants).  For Weddings, groups (3 or more people) or large bookings (see below) the remaining balance is due 14 days before the date of your wedding/event. 

Minimum Booking Fee

On Saturdays and Sundays between 1st April and 30th September a minimum booking fee will apply. Details of this fee will be in your quotation / Price list email. 


Unsociable hours Charge:

If required to start before 6.30am or after 8pm, there will be an additional unsociable hours charge added to your invoice. An unsociable hour’s charge would be determined at the enquiry stage (Early morning fee), prior to booking. Check the price list in your email to confirm this. 

Hair Trials:

Trial payment cost are detailed in your confirmation email and trial payment is due 48 hours before trial day via bank transfer.


Large Bookings:

For Large Bookings an additional stylist may be needed to assist me on the day. 

A large booking would be determined at the enquiry stage, prior to booking.  In these cases, an additional non-refundable charge would be due along side the deposit and will be payable at the time of booking. 

Details of this fee will be in your quotation / price list email.

Photographer or other business to business-based booking:

In booking my services for your client, you agree that you are taking full responsibility for any payments, cancellations and other terms included in this document.   Please be as clear as possible in your brief so that I can give you an accurate estimate of the time I will need to complete the look.  If I have advised you of how much time I require, you accept the responsibility of ensuring enough time is given.  If you are booking more than one client in a session, please note that I operate a day rate if required.

NOTE:  If required to start before 6.30am or after 8pm, there will be an additional unsociable hours charge added to your invoice.

Changes to bookings

  • Should you wish to amend your booking, you must contact me at the earliest possible moment.  Changing the date of the booking is by request and cannot be guaranteed (please see cancellation section).

  • If you need to increase your party size, this must be done in advance of the booking to ensure I have enough time allocated to your appointment.  I have the right to refuse ‘on the day’ additions if I feel I do not have enough time.  If you need to decrease your party size, please see cancellations.



Made by me:

If I am unable to attend your booking, I will do everything I can to find a suitable replacement.  This would be someone who I highly recommend.  If I am unable to find a replacement and need to cancel your booking, all money relating to that day will be refunded.  If I have had to cancel upon Met Office advice of adverse weather conditions making traveling dangerous, a refund will be given minus the deposit.  (If a trial has been completed, this will not be refunded if the cancellation is the wedding day).    


Made by you:

If the cancellation (or reduction to your booked party size) is made by you (or your client if booking as a Photographer or any other business) once the non-refundable deposit has been paid, you may do so without further charge up until your notice point.  After that point the cancellation period is as per your invoice being payable.  If your invoice is due 48hours prior to the event, canceling after this time will forfeit the full payment.  If your invoice is due 7 days prior to the event, canceling after this time will forfeit the full payment.  If your payment dates are not met, your booking is taken as being canceled by you and the above will take effect, allowing me to pursue monies due.  Reducing your party size after a booking has been confirmed is also subject to the above terms.  The named client for a group booking is responsible for any member of their party that wishes to cancel.  Changing the date of your booking is not guaranteed.  If you need to change the date of your booking, this is by request only and if I am not available and no alternative can be agreed upon, it is taken as a cancellation by you and subject to the above cancellation policy.

Late bookings, deposits, payments and cancellations:

Bookings that are taken within the usual payment terms are classed as late bookings and will be subject to full payment being due to secure the booking.  This does not alter your cancellation rights and responsibilities.


Working Conditions:

Upon arrival for any booking, the client must be as ready as possible.  Responsibility will not be taken by me for delays caused by the client not being available and ready at the time of arrival or by delays caused by other people at the venue such as guests, other suppliers/trades or other members of the booked party.  No refunds will be given if such interruptions lead to an incomplete booking.


Mileage is calculated at a rate of 55p per mile (60p per mile from 2025).  Travel is calculated as a return journey from postcode SO230NQ to the destination postcode.   If your booking requires me to travel by Train for example in London, my train fare will be chargeable instead of mileage.  The client also takes full responsibility for any congestion, toll and parking fees.  If the client advises to park in an area which then leads to clamping, the client is responsible for this also.  Travel costs will be included in the invoice and subsequent invoices sent to the client should I incur additional travel charges on the day.  This must be paid within 7 days of the date of the invoice.



It is the client’s responsibility to inform me of any allergies for themselves and other members of the booking.  If allergies are not disclosed until the day, no responsibility will be taken by me if I have to refuse services to that person and it is classed as cancellation by the client.


Photographs and videos:

I take photographs and Videos before and after hair styling.  These photos and videos may be used by me on my social media including but not limited to Instagram and Facebook.  I may also use them on my website portfolio.  Should you have any issues with this you must inform me at the time of booking.  For bookings with children under the age of 16, by agreeing to these terms, you are also agreeing for me to use the hair photographs and videos that I take to be used in the same way.  If you do not wish for photographs to be taken of the Under 16’s hair, you must inform me at the time of booking. 



If your event is social-media silent, you must inform me at the time of booking. 

International bookings:

International bookings are subject to extended terms and conditions so please ask for more information.



I am insured with The Guild of Hairdressers and Barbers – details available on request.

Please ensure you have read through this document carefully before proceeding with your booking.  Continuing with your booking is confirmation that you have read and understood these terms and are willing to enter a legal agreement with me for my services as outlined in the booking form.

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